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Name:Captain Steve Rogers
Birthdate:Jul 4, 1920
Location:Brooklyn, New York, United States of America
Steve Rogers was a puny military reject who had a heart of gold and only wanted to serve his country in World War II. After being noticed by a scientist, he was given the Super Soldier Serum, gaining the powers of Captain America.

He is the only person to receive the perfected serum as it was destroyed soon after and the scientist was killed.

Captain America used his new found powers to lead the Allies and the Howling Commandos against the Nazis and particularly the Red Skull. They were defeated but at the cost of Captain America's life, as he crashed a plane into the Artic (I think) to keep America safe.

Later, SHIELD found his body in the present day and to their surprise, Cap was still alive due to the serum. He is currently a member of SHIELD as everyone he knows is assumed dead.

Powers and Abilities

Enhanced Strength
- Due to the super soldier serum, Cap has enhanced strength well beyond that of a normal human.

Enhanced Speed
- Due to the super soldier serum, Cap has enhanced speed well beyond that of a normal human, In one scene, it was shown he is as fast as a car and can swim at well above average speed.

Enhanced Durability
- Cap has been shown to be able to take considerable amounts of punishment. Even before the serum, he had a higher than normal tolerance for pain. Cap was shown to take an equally strong punch from the Red Skull and was barely phased. He also survived a plane crash and survived being frozen for decades.

Hand to Hand Combat
- Cap has been trained by the US military in hand to hand combat, and when combined with his strength, speed, and durability, it makes him quite formidable.

Skilled with Weapons
- Due to his military training, Cap is skilled with a variety of fire arms.

Natural Leader
- Cap is a natural born leader, leading the Howling Commandos in World War II.

Military Strategy
- Cap was shown to have an excellent military mind, orchestrating the many attacks on the Red Skull's bases and was able to memorize the locations of these bases while looking at a map for under 30 seconds.

Vibranium Shield
- Cap has a shield made of Vibranium given to him by Howard Stark (Tony Stark's Father). Vibranium is a rare metal only found in Wakanda (this hasn't been mentioned in the movies but it is) that has the ability to absorb the vibrations of ANYTHING. Guns, bombs, punches... literally everything. So anything Cap blocks with the shield doesn't get through. Cap uses the shield both offensively and defensively. Offensively, Cap is an excellent marksman, being able to hit things with pin point accuracy with the shield. He also has the ability to bounce the shield off of anything with perfect accuracy so it hits multiple enemies and bounces back to him.

Bio taken from here.

Verses :

Mun is more than willing to ship Steve in both Het & Slash verses, so if you'd like a verse with him, just send a pm :)

[Both mun & muse are over 18. This version of Steve Rogers/Captain America is based after the Avengers movie.]
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